How to Convert an Array to a String in JavaScript

Apr 27, 2021

Javascript's handy way of converting arrays to strings is the .toString() method. Simply call it on the array and it will return the entries in the form of a string, each separated by a comma as seen below:

let arr = ['Dog','Cat','Fish','Bread'];
arr.toString(); // prints Dog,Cat,Fish,Bread


Another alternative to toString is the .join() function. The benefit of using join() is that you can specify a custom separator. toString() always uses , as the separator. If you call join() without arguments, it will default to commas.

let arr = ['Boots','Cats','Boots','Cats'];
arr.join(' and '); // prints Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats

Note: Make sure to add a space before and after the value you choose, otherwise, there will be no spaces.

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