How to Concatenate Strings in an Array using JavaScript

Jun 11, 2021

JavaScript's join() method is handy for turning elements in an array into a string. JavaScript arrays can contain values of different types. If you only want to concatenate strings, you can filter out non-string values using filter() and typeof as shown below.

let array = ['The', 97, 'Dream', 'Team'];
let jumble = array.join();
jumble; // 'The 97 Dream Team'

let text = array.filter(v => typeof v === 'string').join();
text; // The Dream Team


You can specify what character to use to concatenate the elements in the array. Simply pass the string you want to use. If you do not provide the character, it will default to using a ,:

let array = ['user', 'desktop', 'learning', 'tutorials'];
let concatenate = array.join('/');
concatenate; // user/desktop/learning/tutorials
array.join(); // user,desktop,learning,tutorials

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