Remove null from an Array with Lodash

Jun 26, 2022

To remove a null from an array, you should use lodash's filter function. It takes two arguments:

The filter() function returns a new array containing all elements predicate returned a truthy value for. To remove null, you can call filter() with v => v !== null as the predicate.

const _ = require('lodash');

const arr = ['a', true, null, undefined, 42];

_.filter(arr, v => v !== null); // ['a', true, undefined, 42]

To remove null using filter, you can use the _.isNull function as the predicate. Simply add a negate in front of the isNull and all null values will be filtered out.

const _ = require('lodash');

const array = ['a', true, null, undefined, 42]; // ['a', true, undefined, 42]

_.filter(array, el => !_.isNull(el));

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