An Introduction to Vue CLI

Jun 7, 2019

Vue CLI is a powerful tool for scaffolding new Vue projects with standard tooling, like Babel and ESLint. To get started, run:

npm install @vue/cli

Then, run ./node_modules/.bin/vue ui to get a nice GUI for scaffolding your Vue project. The below video walks through creating a project called vue-sample with the basic defaults.

To run the project, navigate to the vue-sample directory, and run npm run serve. Navigate to localhost:8080 and you'll be able to see your new Vue project:

This project comes with ESLint, so you can immediately run npm run lint to lint your project. The project also has built-in support for single file components and live reload. Open up src/App.vue and you should see the below:

Modify the template to display "Hello, World!":

  <div id="app">
    <img alt="Vue logo" src="./assets/logo.png">
    <HelloWorld msg="Hello, World!"/>

Once you save, you'll see the app automatically updated in your browser. That's live reloading!

Vue School has some of our favorite Vue video courses. Their Vue.js Master Class walks you through building a real world application, and does a great job of teaching you how to integrate Vue with Firebase. Check it out!

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